How to Pass NCLEX-RN

The question, How to Pass NCLEX-RN, might be worrying you and you must be keen to get all necessary information that can help in your passing RN exam. There are various procedures and ways that can be followed for your advance NCLEX RN preparation and they include:

  • NCLEX Review Courses
  • NCLEX Flash cards
  • NCLEX Practice Test
  • NCLEX Practice Questions
  • NCLEX Books, Reviews and CD-ROM software study materials
  • Online Nursing Discussion Forums and Associations
  • Online Sites, Guides and Tips

The best way to get prepared for the NCLEX is enrolling for NCLEX Review Courses. There are various sites offering Review Courses including NCSBN Learning Extension, Kaplan, Sylvia Rayfield NCLEX Review tuition, Hurst NCLEX Review and others. You can enroll in these Review Courses by paying the nominal fees. These reviews can offer you 1000+ test questions and answers with rationales and justifications, practice questions and alternate form of questions, guidance and tips. The tuition covers major areas such as Infection Control, Management and Delegation, Pediatrics, Pharmacology, testing strategies and others which are intrinsic part of the latest NCLEX test plans.

In addition, you can also take the assistance of Review Books and CD-ROM and Flash Cards. There are review books and CD-ROM software study materials for NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN, such as Saunders NCLEX, NCLEX 4000, NCLEX 3500, NCLEX 3000, MedMaster’s Made Ridiculously Simple Series, NCLEX Made Ridiculously Simple, Davis’s NCLEX-RN Success, Lippincott’s: NCLEX Review on CD-ROM, The Chicago Review Press NCLEX and other books, which comprises of 1000 to 4000+ test questions and answers with rationales and justifications, practice questions and alternate form of questions, guidance and tips based on the latest NCLEX Test Plans.

These questions cover major areas essential for NCLEX. You will also be coached on the ways to break tough questions and ways to manage your time for answering questions. These Review books are not only ideal for the RN students but equally beneficial to instructors and institutions.

You can also purchase Flash Cards offered by Davis’s: NCLEX-RN Review Cards and others, or prepare your own flash cards that can sharpen your memory for important NCLEX-RN questions and help you memorize key words and answers after repeated use of the contents on the cards.

You must also remember that if you are well prepared with your NCLEX-RN questions and answers, you can pass the RN test by answering 75 questions, instead of 256 questions.

Many Review Courses such as Sylvia Rayfield NCLEX Review tuition requires you to appear for on-line pre-test ( before first class) and post-test (after completion of the course) to evaluate your own competency level and to find out the improvements you must have made.

You can also join NCLEX-RN nurse’s discussion forums and associations to get information and exchange ideas on NCLEX from students about to appear for the test or who have already sat for the exam.

If you follow these procedures, you can easily pass NCLEX-RN exam the first time with better scoring.