Operating Room Nurse

Operating Room Nurse can also be referred as a Perioperative Nurse, work inside a operating room with a multidisciplinary surgical team, assist the doctor, surgeon or specialist and offer cares for patients before, during and after the surgical operation. The comprehensive knowledge and training makes them proficient in working inside the surgical room and for carrying out the different procedures successfully.

Operating Room Nurse Duties

The basic job duties of these nurses include:

  • Preparing patients for the operation.
  • Briefing patients and families about the surgical procedures.
  • Choosing and handing various surgical equipments such as, surgical gowns, caps, masks, sponges, eyewear, gloves, scissors, knives, sponge and others to surgeon or doctors during the operation.
  • Keep the operating room clean and take away unnecessary items.
  • Assist the surgeon in controlling bloods, suturing wounds, and performing tasks as directed.
  • Interview and assess patients to identify their ailments and decide on the cares that must be provided to patient on the day of surgery.
  • Liaison between patients, families and surgical team.
  • Monitor the condition of the patient during operation and coordinate patient cares
  • Ensure that the surgical team is offering the safe and competent patient cares during operation.
  • Assist in the recovery efforts of the patient, immediately after the operation.
  • Educate and prepare the patients and families for appropriate postoperative cares.
  • Asses the health of the patients, chart out a course plan for treatments of the patients undergoing operative process and provide treatments.
  • Perform stress test evaluations.
  • Provide preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative care

Operation Room Nurse Work Places

These nurses work in various types of health care settings, such as ambulatory surgery units, operation rooms of the hospital, physician’s office, military surgical rooms and clinics.


The first step necessary for becoming an Operating Room Nurse requires earning the credential of registered nurse by completing BSN, Nursing Diploma or Associate Degree and passing the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) developed and administered NCLEX-RN (the National Council Licensure Examination) Exam for RN Licensure.

Next step require gaining working experience in critical care and emergency room care as a registered nurse. In addition, you can also pursue continuing education and professional development programs for earning certification that offers you required expertise in this field. 

Operating Room Nurse Education curriculum requires studies and clinical experience in pre-, intra- and postoperative care, learning surgical procedures, sterilization, disinfectant and safety of operating room and instruments, assessment of anesthesia, patient communication and others. During clinical experience they are instructed on general and specialty surgeries

The requirements for appearing in the voluntary certification exam to get the credential of certified operating room nurses (CNORs) requires 2,400 hours of perioperative nursing experience. The certification remains active for 5 years and need recertification before it gets expired to keep in current level. 


 The salary of certified operating room nurses (CNORs) ranges from $57,000 $63,000 and $76,000 to $81,000 approximately, depending upon the work experience, equation and qualification, work experience, job location, size and type of the facility and the state where you are practicing because different states have their own salary structures differing from others.