NCSBN NCLEX Online Review

The job scarcity, due to the economic crisis and economic slow down in the United States have made many individuals to pursue career in the booming health care field by becoming a RN or LPN. It is also a common knowledge that often, the hope of many students to join nursing field fades away as they are not able to pass the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) developed and administered the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). You must also remember that the earning of Licensed Practical Nurse or Registered Nurse credential by passing the NCLEX test is mandatory for the entry level positions in the nursing care field.   

The basic reasons for the failures among the students can be attributed to various factors such as – not fully prepared for the test, unaware of the NCLEX Test Questions, not enough knowledge of test procedures, inability to manage test times to answer required questions or lack of confidence and nervousness.

All these reasons have made it necessary that the students must take the assistance of external resources including guides and tips, practice questions, Review Courses, flash cards, books, CD-ROM, software, NCLEX-4000 and NCLEX-3500. By use of these resources as pre test preps, the students can easily pass the NCLEX exam in the first attempt with better scoring.

But, it is also true that among all these resources, NCSBN NCLEX Online Review is termed as the best tutorial for the advance preparation of the exam.

NSCBN NCLEX Online Review

NCSBN NCLEX Online Review is also known as the NCSBN Learning Extension is review courses for both the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN exam. These review classes can be availed online by paying nominal fees and extend for few weeks to few months with few hours classes everyday.

NCSBN NCLEX Online Review Features

The review courses are developed by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NSCBN) author(s), who are nursing faculties from across the United States and possess extensive knowledge in the health care field and NCSBN test plans. The course instructor and the course contributors for the NCLEX Online Review have put special emphasis to ensure that the NCLEX 2010 test plan is properly represented in the reviews courses.

The course includes following features:

  • 1,100 practice questions, identical to NCLEX test plans.
  • Study groups and discussion forums.
  • Ask the Instructor tool where students can exchange the ideas and enquire questions to peer and Learning Extension staff.
  • Easy assess to outside resources and references.
  • Instructor feedback can be obtained.
  • Comprehensive student nursing content of 2000+ pages
  • 20+ interactive NCLEX online review exercises.
  • 1,000 pop-up glossary terms
  • “Study Smarter” tips through “Help Boxes”.

PN Review course and RN Review Course Time & Cost

Both PN and RN Review courses time duration and costs are as under:

  • 3 weeks 27 hours per week for $50
  • 5 weeks 16 hours per week for $70
  • 8 weeks 10 hours per week for $100
  • 15 weeks 5 to 6 hours per week for $160

 Online Registration to Review courses can be assessed 24 x 7 days and minimum 80 hours are spent by the students to complete the review courses.

NCSBN Learning Extension Authors

  • Developed by NCSBN
  • Authored bycourse instructor and managing editor Susan Richmond, who is also NCSBN Interactive Services Content Associate.
  • Course Contributors – Diane Bilotta-CO, Stephanie Blaine-MO, Jamie Houchins-IN, Kim Kiefer-WV, Jennifer Lee-IN, Tiffany Losekamp-OH, Cheryl Rowder-TX and Beryl Stetson-NJ.