If the current economic crisis and over 9% unemployment scenario in the major service sectors have prompted you to seek the jobs in the booming health care sector of the United States, you must remember that it is mandatory that you receive the credential of Licensed Practical Nurse or a Registered Nurse by passing the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) designed and developed NCLEX exam (the National Council Licensure Examination).

The passing and earning of the Licensure will allow you to work in the varied health care settings in an entry level job position. The passing of the exam will also prove your competency level to safeguard public health and welfare through safe and competent health care services.

NCLEX Exam Process

The NCLEX exam is computerized adaptive testing (CAT), using computer technology and measurement theory, and your exam answers immediately measure your ability to meet its “Standard” and competency level. So, by the time you finish up with your exam, the computer immediately decides your pass or fail outcome. And, your pass or fail result is then transmitted electronically or by mail to the state board of nursing by the Pearson Vue for distribution among the students who have applied for the Licensor from that state Board. The students receive the results within 4 weeks after the exam is over. The unofficial result can be availed through the Pearson Vue by paying $7.95 payable by credit card and assess the Pearson VUE website for the result. The announcement of the result through this process is known as NCLEX┬« Quick Results Service and results can be availed within 48 business hours.

But, you can understand the anxiety among the students for the NCLEX results reach new peak once a student complete the exam and they try various ways to find out the end result of their effort, which has been spend in exam preparation. In order to find the outcome of their exam many students use NCLEX Trick, also known as the Pearson Vue Trick.


The method used by the students to find out their pass or fail require registering for the exam again. After finishing the exam, the students visits Pearson Vue site for registering in the exam again and while registering again, if the student fail to get pay screen and a message pops out stating that, "our record indicate that you have recently scheduled an exam and another cannot be made at this time, please contact your board for further info," it means, the Pearson Vue is not accepting your re-registration and indicates that you have passed the exam. But, if the messages do not crop up and if are directed to Credit card section for making payments then it means you have failed.

Another message may also crop up saying ‘The candidate currently has test results that are on hold. A new registration cannot be created at this time.’ this message may simply mean that your result is passing through some internal process and review, and is not yet ready. Such message does not indicate your pass or fail result.

Though, the propping up of the first message "our record indicate that you have recently scheduled an exam and another cannot be made at this time, please contact your board for further info," on the screen while registering again is found to be correct to find out pass or fail but, still you can not be 100% sure that registering again with the Pearson Vue will get you your answer. But, still many students who have passed or failed in the exam think that Pearson Vue NCLEX trick is right way to find out the test results.