NCLEX Requirements

The economic crisis and economic slow down in the United States of America may have affected your job prospects because majority service sectors offering negligible job opportunities. But, it is worth noting that the health care field of the country is still progressing and offering ample nursing care jobs in the entry level as well as advance care field. The heavy demand for nurses have already created acute nursing shortages and many hospitals and health clinics are finding it difficult to cope with the nursing personnel shortages.

The American Bureau of Labour Statistic has also projected that the employments for the nurses will grow by around 22% by 2008 to 2018 for both Registered and Licensed practical Nurses, faster than any other occupations due to the steady growth of elderly adults population, advancement of medical and nursing technology, and greater demand for the nursing services by common citizens and health care industry.

But, it is also true that to avail these job opportunities it is essential to pass NCLEX exams for the credential of a registered or licensed practical nurse because NCLEX exam is a tool through which the nursing competency level for safeguarding the public health through safe and quality practice is evaluated by the state Board of Nursing as required by the Law and the Nurse Practice Act.

NCLEX Requirements

You must remember that there are various NCLEX Requirements that must be completed before you are actually allowed to appear in the exam, awarded the practice License and Credential by the Board including:

Though, different states licensing procedures requirements may vary but the common necessities as stipulated by the Council of State Boards of Nursing include:

  • Possession of US Social Security Number.
  • Must be minimum 18 years old and hold High School Diploma or GED
  • Free from criminal background.
  • Apply to state Board of Nursing for Licensure from the state you are aiming to practice by paying required fees and completed Application.
  • Foreign students need to meet the Board of Nursing Application and Registration requirements.
  • Must complete accredited nursing programs.
  • Meet the NSCBN and Pearson Vue NCLEX requirements and sit for the exam.
  • Pass the test with the required or more scoring.
  • Complete Registration process with the Board for eligibility to sit in the exam.
  • Register with Pearson Vue and get Authorization to Test (ATT) letter from Pearson VUE.

Once you meet the state Board of Nursing and NCLEX exam procedures, you re allowed appearing in the exam and if you manage to pass the test, you are awarded the RN or LPN Licensure and granted the credential of a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse.