The current economic crisis and the recent economic slow down have made great impact on the majority service sectors of the United States of America where new jobs are negligible and thousands of people are finding it difficult to put a roof over their head. These reasons have also compelled the job seekers and professionals to seek new avenues for their employments and the health care sector of the country is best alternative for their employment opportunities. The reason being, the nursing field of the country is still prospering and offering numerous jobs to entry level nurses.

In addition, this field is also offering job stability, satisfying source of income and ample career advancement opportunities. If you are a Licensed Practical Nurse, you can pursue further studies to become a RN and as a registered nurse, you can become APRN by completing Masters, Post Masters, specialty and doctorate.

But, it is also true that to avail these career opportunity, you must pass the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) developed and administered NCLEX exam (the National Council Licensure Examination) for either RN or LPN Licensure.

Factors Responsible for Failure in NCLEX

It is commonly found that many students fails to pass the NCLEX exam the first time due to insufficient preparation, unaware of test questions and styles, ignorance of the test procedures, lack of the confidence and nervousness, and time management for answering the questions.

The only solution to overcome these problems is assistance from external sources such as Review Courses, guides and tips, practice questions, flash cards, books, CD-ROM, software, NCLEX-4000 and NCLEX-3500, and other assistances.

Among all these resources NCLEX 3000 Book, author (s): Springhouse and Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins is highly recommended for the multiple-choice and alternate-format NCLEX®-style questions identical to NCLEX test contents. The answers to questions are provided with justifications and rationales and this review is CD-ROM software study material. The software is available in three modes: Pretest, Review, and Test. The questions and answers in the software not only helps the students in preparing for the NCLEX but also assist the instructors to prepare the students to pass exam the first attempt. The instructors can create Reviews and tests, and the students can also view their performance by viewing the entire test or just incorrect answers. The software also provide test taking hints which assist the students to release their exam pressure. The other feature of the institutional software includes log-ons password for students and instructors,    

Instructors can create customized reviews and tests as well as study aids generated by each individual student’s performance on a test. Available in three study modes (Pretest, Review, and Test), this software enables students to view results of the entire test or simply focus on incorrect answers. Test-taking hints help students prepare for the pressure of the exam. This institutional version features secure password protection for student and faculty log-ons, an online Help file and an installation guide

Currently, there are three Institutional software study materials including:

  1. NCLEX Review 3000 Study Software for NCLEX-PN, Institutional Intranet License, CD-ROM For Windows
    Cost: $2,160.00 
  2. NCLEX Review 3000 Study Software for NCLEX-PN, Institutional Single User License, CD-ROM For Windows
    Caveat This item is Non-Returnable for credit.
    Cost: $1,100.00
  3. NCLEX Review 3000 Study Software for NCLEX-PN, Institutional Network License, CD-ROM For Windows
    Caveat This item is Non-Returnable for credit.
    Cost: $2,500.00