NCLEX 4000

The present economic crises have created acute job scarcity and many professionals, who are unto some form of employments, are also retrenched from their jobs to cut down the organizational expenses. People are finding it difficult to sustain their daily living cost and new jobs are hard to come. The unemployment rates in different service sectors have already passed 9% level and as per American Bureau of Labor Statistics the Annual Average Unemployment Rate was alarming 9.6% for 2010 and unemployment level was 14,825,000 for 2010.

But, it is also heartening to note that the health care and nursing field of the United States is still booming and offering ample employment opportunities for entry level nurses such as licensed Practical Nurses and Registered Nurses and, projection for their employment opportunities will see steady growth throughout 2008 to 2018. The demand for them is much higher than their supplies and currently, all US states are facing acute nursing shortages

This entire scenario makes entry level nursing jobs a lucrative opportunity for the unemployed professionals. But, it is also necessary that to practice in the nursing and health care field, one must possess either LPN Licensure or RN Licensure. The practice license will only be granted to a candidate, if he or she sits and passes the NCLEX exam (the National Council Licensure Examination), developed and administered by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN). Therefore, in order to get easy nursing jobs, you must be certified and earn RN or LPN credential by passing the NCLEX exam.

However, it is generally seen that many candidates appearing for the NCLEX exam fails to pass the test and are deprived from the employment opportunities in the nursing field. The basic reasons that can be attributed to their failure to pass the exam include:

  • Not fully prepared for the test
  • Unaware of the NCLEX Test Questions
  • Insufficient knowledge of test procedures
  • Lack of confidence and nervousness
  • Non availability of Guidance and tips.

Moreover, they are also not knowledgeable about the ways to answer the test, and the time that must be devoted to each question, and unaware of the the subjects from where they get the majority questions.

NCLEX 4000

In order to assist these LPN and RN students aiming to appear NCLEX exam, comprehensive NCLEX review program was designed and developed. NCLEX 4000 can be easily downloaded in your PC free of cost or by paying nominal charges. NCLEX 4000 an is a study software, containing over 4,000 NCLEX quality review questions, covering 29 topics in five major areas such as:

  • Fundamentals
  • Medical-surgical nursing
  • Pediatrics
  • Maternal-neonatal
  • Psychiatric-mental health

By using the software, a student can assess multiple-choice questions and alternate-format questions, identical to NCLEX questions types. The software also delivers and features study modes such as:

  • Pretest
  • Correct and incorrect answers with references and justifications¬†
  • Review
  • Prioritizing and delegation new questions
  • Alternate-format of questions identical to NSCBN test plans.

NCLEX 4000 also reflects the NSCBN test plans and is continuously updated because NSCBN test plans are reviewed and implemented after every three years.