NCLEX 3500 free

If you are finding it difficult to sustain your living cost due to the non availability of the jobs, as a result of economic crisis and economic slow down prevailing in the United States of America, you can start thinking seriously to build up your career in the health care field. The reason being, the health care sector of the US is rapidly developing due to advancement in medical and medical technology, common awareness among the citizen for better health and steady growth of ageing population requiring frequent nursing cares from trained and qualified nurses.

The entry level position in the health care field can only be availed, if you have earned the credential of a Licensed Practical Nurse or a Registered Nurse by passing the NCLEX exam (the National Council Licensure Examination), developed and administered by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN).  

Today, more and more people are queuing up for LPN and RN programs to prepare for the NCLEX exam for better career opportunities in the nursing field. But, it is also true that many students fails to pass the exam due to the various reasons such as not fully prepared, insufficient knowledge of NCLEX test questions, ignorance of testing procedures, unawareness of time management for answering the test questions within the stipulated time and other reasons.

However, now-a-days there are various NCLEX exam resources, guides and tips, practice questions, review courses, flash cards, books, CD-ROM, software, NCLEX-4000 and NCLEX-3500 that can be used as pre preparation materials for the exam and among these pre prep., resources, NCLEX-3500 takes an important constituent for advance preparation.     

NCLEX-3500 free

NCLEX-3500 is updated review software, specially prepared to assist the students to understand the latest NCLEX-RN exams test plans contents. The software can be downloaded free through numerous online sites and printed for your review and reference of NCLEX studies and questions. NCLEX -3500 is available in hard cover and CD-ROM, in plastic shell case.

NCLEX-3500 free features

NCLEX -34500 features following characteristics:

  • It is a study software mimic to NCLEX test plans.
  • Contains 3,500 multiple-choice questions
  • Covers 29 topics in five major areas such as Fundamentals, Medical-surgical nursing, Pediatrics, Maternal-neonatal and Psychiatric-mental health.
  • 500 Prioritizing and delegating brand new questions
  • Alternate-format of questions identical to NSCBN test plans.
  • Three study modes including pretest, review and correct questions and answers with references and justifications.
  • A hints button
  • A client-needs subcategory for each question  
  • Contain "Windows Compatible"400 medical terms glossary.

You can also take the assistance of NCLEX-3500 for pre test and review preparation, so that you can pass the NCLEX exam in the first attempt with good scoring to earn the Licensure and for availing easy employment with attractive salary. The advance knowledge of NCLEX test plans will also boost of your confidence level and remove any nervousness you may have for the NCLEX exam.