Hurst NCLEX Review

Why is it essential to take the external assistance of NCLEX Review Books, guides and tips, practice questions, NCLEX Review Courses, flash cards and CD-ROM to pass the NCLEX exam? Before answering the question, it is necessary to understand the importance of NCLEX exam and how it assists you in your nursing career perusal.

In the United States of America, if you are aiming to make career in the health care field, you must earn the credential of Licensed Practical nurse or Registered Nurse. The practicing License is granted by the state Board of Nursing where you plan to work. If you fail to earn the RN or LPN Licensure, you will be prohibited from working in the various types of health care settings. You must also remember that NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) is developed and administered by the NCSBN (National Council of State Boards of Nursing).

Therefore, in order to pass the NCLEX exam the first time and to start your career in an entry level position, you must take the assistance of these resources because it has been found that many students fail to clear the exam because, they are unaware of NCLEX test question styles and NCLEX test plans, ignorant of test process and lack of confidence.

Among available NCLEX resources, Hurst NCLEX Review has been highly commended by the nurses who managed to pass NCLEX exam the first attempt through its assistance.

Hurst NCLEX Review

Hurst NCLEX Review was started in the year 1988 to assist the nursing students in their preparation for the NCLEX exam and to pass the exam first attempt. In addition the review also helped the students to develop critical thinking for safe nursing practice. The review contains NCLEX style questions and alternate questions with strategies to answer them. By completing Hurst’s review and the strategies, students not only managed to answer any NCLEX questions but could also answer NCLEX test plan alternate format questions.

The students have the option to attend the review the Hurst Live, Online, or Video review in its fullest form.

Hurst Live Review

The students are offered lectures in a 4 day-format with "5th Day Materials". Q Review is provided for home study and is based online. The 5th Day Materials cover major areas such as Infection Control, Management and Delegation, Pediatrics, Pharmacology, testing strategies and others, also include video lectures. After getting registered and attending a live review, the student can register for the repeat review free of cost.


Students are provided additional resource and permitted to attend a 125 question randomly generated the Hurst Q Review examination mimic to the current 2010 NCSBN test plan.

Online Review Supplement

All lectures and notes for practice offered through Hurst live, DVD, or online review are available on the Hurst Review website supplement. The chargeable fees for assessing are $50, for all live review lectures for 30-days and cost for 90 days is $300.00. But, it essential that you must first complete Hurst Live Lecture for getting assessing eligibility to Online Review Supplement.


Hurst also offers guarantee to a student who has attended Hurst Live, Online, or Video review and appeared in the NCLEX within 6 months after graduation from an accredited nursing school but failed to pass the first attempt then the student is offered:

  • 45-day remediation course – The students must complete the course within 1 year of the graduation date.
  • A full refund is offered after deducting administration fee of $75.

Though, the refund can only be earned subject to certain conditions that must be met by the students.