Geriatrics Nurse

If you want to serve humanitarian causes by serving the aged and old people, you must make your career in Geriatrics Nursing field because the education and training received by you as a Geriatrics Nurse provide you with knowledge and skills required for caring ageing population.

You must understand that Geriatrics Nursing can be termed as a nursing subfield that requires caring for older patients. The caring of these elderly patients at times becomes very complex and require certain qualities such as compassionate nature, excellent communication skills, resilience, patience, observant, proper assessment ability, caring and amicable nature, while caring them..

In addition, you must also understand physical, psycho social, cultural and family concerns of older patients and provide them personal attention and emotional support to help them meeting their ageing process successfully by promoting health. You are required to constantly monitor the condition of the patients, count and measure their vital signs and relieve pains they might be suffering and other health cares measures.

There are also certain caring aspects that must be met while offering basic nursing services and that include, you should observe the mental health and medical conditions of the patient because their rapid ageing process require different types of medications. Therefore, you must be careful in providing medications because various types of Geriatric medications administered might react with each other or create side effects due to the polypharmacy.  Your nursing care and treatment must be directed toward managing the Geriatric medications, so that medicines do not harm the elderly patient, instead results in best outcome. The caring also needs collaboration with families, doctors, specialists, nurses and other health care professionals for best outcome.

The complexities of cares to ageing patient require qualification in nursing and pursuing advance education and training that can help you meet specific needs of older patients because these old age patients are prone to various types of ailments and diseases due to the lack of the ability and mobility to ward off the infections, due to the changes in the structure and function of body systems.

The types of  health conditions and ailments found in aging patients include Pressure injuries, Alzheimer’s disease,  diseases related to the cardiovascular system, Diabetes mellitus, week immunization systems, Respiratory problems, cancer, osteoporosis, Genitourinary issues, Delirium and Dizziness, fatigue/ immobility and stroke.

Geriatrics Nurse Work Settings

Geriatrics Nurse works in varied work settings including home health care agencies, hospitals, veteran homes, old age homes, adult care centers, clinics, nursing homes, long term care units, physician’s office, rehabilitation center and hospice.

GN Nurse Education

The prerequisite to study advance geriatrics studies require earning of the RN Licensure by completing Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree program and passing the NCLEX-RN exam. You must also earn CPR or Basic Life Support (BLS) certification, and then pursue Master’s studies and earn MSN Degree. The advance Geriatrics Specialty Certification is offered by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) after passing the certification exam.

The earning of the GN Certification and few years working experience can easily earn you $95,000 & above because the demand for GNs are increasing rapidly because of the steady growth of the ageing population and advancement in medical fields. According to the ADVANCE and Scrubs magazines, Geriatrics Nursing specialty is one of the 10 best specialties among NP Specialties.