Emergency Nurse

Why Emergency Nurses are very important in the present day health cares? In the present day fast moving world Emergency Nurses play vital role in saving the life of a suffering patient. For example, you may be crossing the road and a care suddenly appears and hits you, injuring you critically or you may be comfortably watching a live show and suddenly suffer unbearable stomach pains or you may be gun shot wound and fatally injure. What course of action can be taken to save your live, to ease your pain or take you out from the traumatic condition of a gun shot?

You will be rushed to the emergency room of a hospital or a health care clinic, where the Emergency Nurse will be the person, you will come in contact and he/she will attend you and try her best to provide you with emergency care to ease your pain or control your injury.

The care offered by the emergency nurse can be termed as pre ailment treatment before the actual cause of ailment or disease in known after the diagnosing and assessing the ailments.

If you ever visit an emergency department of any hospital, you can see on your own the chaotic conditions, where all types and all age group of patients, seeking varied emergency cares turns up daily. The scenario with varied patients changes rapidly needing different types of cares. The works in emergency room varies greatly as compared to everyday routine cares. You will see infants, children, adolescent, teenagers, young, adult and elderly patients of varied races, gender or medical problems, seeking cares for mild to acute sufferings.

Emergency Nurse Job duties

Emergency Nurses must be prepared to provide multi-tasks and must be skilled and talented to offered varied cares, and must be in a position to make spot decision. They should be able to obtain medical histories and asses the information, and make the immediate decision because the delay in decision making may cost the life of a patient or complicate the injuries or other conditions. Sometime they need attending many patients at a time, thus require lots of stamina and body activeness, and must be physically sound to work in duress. In addition, a sense of humor, patience and cool temperament is also added quality of an Emergency Nurse.

Emergency Nurse Job Places

The Emergency Nurses job practices are not specified to emergency department of a hospital or a health care facility but spread to varied settings such as ambulances, in-flight nursing in helicopters or airplanes, military base, crisis intervention centers, warships and cruises, fire department, sports arenas, poison control centers and others.

Emergency Nurse Education

In order to become a Emergency Nurse, you must possess at least an Associate Degree but the complexities of varied cares and treatments, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Degree and RN Licensure is more preferable for broader clinical experience and nursing care knowledge. In addition, they must also get certification in CPR and Basic Life Support. 

The Emergency Nurse Certification can be obtained by appearing in the Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing (BCEN) exam, which is computer administered test offered by the Emergency Nurses’ Association (ENA). The Certification is remains in active status for 4 years and must be renewed by appearing in the exam again for re-certification.