Cardiac Cath lab Nurse

Cardiac Cath lab Nurses are these nurses who are specialized to work with cardiac problem patients in cardiovascular catheterization laboratory, intensive care units to care, diagnose, investigate or for interventional of  the heart condition of the patient by inserting a catheter into a heart chamber, arteries of the heart or vessel. Coronary catheterization is the specialized sub set of Cardiac Cath, which involves the catheterization of the coronary arteries, cardiac chambers and heart valves.

The procedures of the Cardiac Cath or heart catheterizations are performed by inserting the catheter (thin, flexible tube) into the patient’s leg or arm vein and moving it into the coronary arteries or heart chamber or heart valves.

Cardiac Cath Lab Nurse Job Duties

Cardiac Cath lab Nurses are specialized nurses, working in Cardiac Cath Labs of hospital or private heart clinics, for carrying out catheterization procedures on different types of cardiac patients suffering from heart disease or cardiac problems.

The primary duties of these nurses are to assist heart specialists or doctors to carry out different Cardiac related procedures such as cardioverter-defibillators (ICDs) implantation and implanting pacemakers on patients including stent placements, valvuloplasties and others. The use of catheterization and working in the Cath lab requires them to be proficient in using and applying the complex technology of catheterization for diagnosis, investigational and interventional purposes, and they must also have a keenness to learn the cath procedures quickly and efficiently. They must also keep their knowledge update on the latest technologies due to the ever changing and rapid advancement of the technology.

It is also their responsibility to provide cares to cardiac patients till they are discharged, recording and maintaining patient’s record and updating  chart of the patient, monitoring patient’s vital signs, operate cath and other treating equipments, Administering Intravenous therapy (IV) and medications as directed by the doctors and participate actively in cardiac research projects.

Cardiac Cath Lab Nurse Salary

The salary of Cardiac Cath Lab Nurse is somewhere around $41,000-$83,500 and per hour earning may be $19.00 to $55.00 depending upon the education, training and certification, job location, type of the facility, job position and experience.